OVER $150,000 was raised at Colonial Lanes in 2013!!

Raise $300 to $30,000 and have Fun doing it!

bowling-fundraisersPut the FUN in your FUNdraising and the Dollars in your program!

Whether your fundraising goals are large or small, we have a program that's just right for your group. Let us work with you to design a program that will meet your needs and accomplish your goals. It's easier than you think and the results can be amazing. You will raise money for your group and provide a fun time for everyone who participates at the same time. The social success of the event makes it easier to repeat it on a regular basis and build on its financial success.

If you are looking to raise money for your church group, PTA, charity, political campaign, youth organization or any other cause, bowling is the answer to your needs. Talk with our event planner or manager and learn more about the programs described here.

Bowling Programs

Bowling Bash 
Host a bowling party and sell tickets to your event. Participants enjoy 2 hours of bowling fun and your organization raises from $300 to $1,500 or more depending on attendance.  

$11 per bowler includes 2 hours of bowling and shoes

Pizza & Pins Fundraiser
$14 per bowler includes 2 hours of bowling, shoes, 2 slices of pizza & unlimited soft drinks

Host a bowling event where the participants solicit "sponsors" for their bowling either by the pin or as a simple donation.

Sponsorship Party
Host a bowling party and sell each lane to a company or business for $100 or more. These sponsors can now send up to 6 people to the party which will include bowling, refreshments and prizes. Your income is only limited by the number of lanes you can sell.

Rental of the Entire Center
Rent Colonial Lanes for a private party for your group! You can sell tickets to the event, sell sponsorships of the lanes, hold raffles for donated prizes and other money-making activities.

  • Bonus Income
  • 50/50 Tickets
  • Raffles for donated prizes
  • Mystery Games
  • Door Games
  • Lane Sponsors
  • Silent Auctions

Customize your event by adding catering, Karaoke, DJ, "Special Guests", or other creative ideas.

Colonial Lanes can provide a table set-up, score cards, raffle tickets and balloons.  Simply let us know what you need, and we will make it happen!

Benefits of a Bowling Event

  • Bowling is a fun activity
  • Participants can be men, women, young and old.
  • Everyone is together for a fun time.
  • Equipment (bowling) is available at no charge for every participant if needed.
  • Your event won't be impacted by the weather.
  • Our staff will help you plan and implement your event.
  • We can provide fliers and tickets customized and complimentary for your group
  • Your group does not have to be concerned with excess inventory of candy or other items.
  • Your event can be customized to fit your needs.

For more information please contact our event planner at (734) 665-4474.

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