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  Specials of the Week  August 11-14

St Croix Pizza

A tasty treat, guaranteed to please. Our appetizer size pizza with tender grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon, Sweet Baby Ray BBQ Sauce® and cheddar Monterey cheese will satisfy anyone’s taste buds! $8.99


Hamma Whamma Jamma

Grilled shaved ham with bacon and cheddar cheese stacked high on a pretzel roll topped onion, tomato and a creamy House sauce served with French fries. $7.99


Turkey Reuben Wrap

Wrap your lunch to go! A fabulous combination of deli turkey, sweet red dressing, Swiss cheese and fresh coleslaw all stuffed inside a warm tortilla shell. Served with French Fries. $6.99


Cobb Salad

A classic combination of a hard boiled egg, English cucumber, bleu cheese, tomatoes, crumbled bacon, and fresh chicken breast over a bed of crisp romaine lettuce and spinach Mixed with our special House dressing.  $8.99


Slider Wing Combo

A delicious combo of favorites. 3 Cubs’ sliders with cheese and 4 buffalo wings. Served with a side of French fries.  $11.99


Spaghetti and Meatballs

A generous portion of spaghetti noodles covered in our homemade sauce that’s made with a combination fresh mushrooms and roasted red peppers. Topped with delicious meatballs and parmesan cheese. Served with a side of garlic bread.  $8.99


Duck Bacon Wontons

Golden wonton stuffed with Duck bacon, corn and a cream sauce. Served with sweet chili sauce. $7.99

















































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