Youth Birthday Parties FAQ

How soon should I make a reservation? birthdays-at-ColonialLanes

As soon as you have a date in mind! Weekends particularly fill-up fast! We suggest making a reservation at least 3 weeks in advance!

What are your age restrictions?
Birthday Packages are for kids from 4 to 17 years old. Kids younger than 4 years are not recommended. Adults of any age may participate with the kids, or on a separate lane next to them. Let us know that when booking the party.

Do we get a private party room? 
All birthday parties are held on the lanes. We have ample seating and tables for all parties in the bowlers area.

How many games should we bowl? 
1 game plus eating & gift opening typically takes 1 ½ hours. Each party is given 2 hours and typically get in 1 to 2 games.

Must all kids wear bowling shoes? 
Yes. If children do not fit into our bowling shoe rentals (as small as child's size 6), they may wear socks.

How many kids bowl on each lane? 
Each lane accommodates 5 kids. All parties have at least 2 lanes. (Minimum of 5 kids per lane.)

What are the beverage choices? 
Beverage Options Include: Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew, Vernor's, Root Beer or Fruit Punch.

Option 1: Bottomless beverages of soda are $2.00 per child. 
Option 2: We also have pitchers of the above soda OR juice (Apple, OJ, & Lemonade) available for $5.50 each, with no free refills.

Can I bring in my own decorative supplies? 
Yes! You may bring in any festive place settings, balloons, or decorations to make your event more memorable.

What can I not bring in? 
Outside food/beverage (except cake), Confetti, Piñatas, & Silly-String are not permitted in the center.

For those of us not bowling, can we still order some food? 
Yes! You have three options:

  1. Order a la carte & pay individually.
  2. Run a food tab, a la carte, to be included in your final bill.
  3. Pre-order food so it will be ready to serve right away.

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